Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress -Manual-

●Basic Controls●

・Left click: select, choose, advance the conversation during an event
・Right click: cancel
・Esc: cancel
・Middle click: move viewpoint. Cannot use during event
・Mouse scroll: zoom in, out. Cannot use during event
・Right+Left click: rotate viewpoint. Cannot use during event


●Controls for the girl●

・Right double click: Change front / back
・Left drag: Grip and move a girl


●Traveling rules and hints●

・Time passes for each movement, and decreases 10 stamina (STMN)
・When the stamina is over, will take a break in that place
・When eating food, the stamina increases after the break, and also the status increases depending on the food
・Although you can sleep without eating anything, in that case you will have less stamina after break and do not raise the status
・You can find ingredients, medicines, etc. with the searching command, but you may encounter enemies
・You can recover HP with “Rest a little” or “Rest a lot” of the break command, each consumes stamina and takes some time
・BP will be reset each time the battle is over
・There are many places where you can easily find food in the field, but be careful because in a dungeon it is not easy to find
・Occasionally there are monsters emerging by time
・Because there are many strong enemies at night, if you do not feel confident, you’d better take a break and wait until the morning, even if have stamina
・Some enemies drops items
・You can equip up to two weapons or armor. You can do both weapons or armor


●Battle rules●

・Only the first surviving character can select escape command
・Items can only be used once per turn. Anyone can use
・When kill an enemy or give damage with an attribute attack of a weak point, BP of that character is incremented by +1, and can do combo (CHAIN)
・When do combo (CHAIN), the first leading character can act again
・The effect of power increase, is only effective during some attacks
・The effect of defense or speed increase, is only effective during some turns
・The effect of increasing status by items and ability, are separate things
・The status effect of ability, is added up and subtracted to a certain value
・The status effect of item, it will be overwritten
・Due to items and magic, the duration of the status up is different
・Regardless of attack, recovery, status up, you can use it for allies and enemies
・If lose in battle return to the title
・Characters that have been defeated in battle are revived with 1 HP after the end, but they can not get experience values
・Weak monsters can be defeated easily with combo (CHAIN), but depending on the place, boss monsters appear, so save often
・The effective measures of obtaining money is not beat monsters, but at the beginning it is the only way

・For each character, you can set AUTO or ORDER
・Can select from the button shown in the upper right part of the character’s command icon during the battle
・If you set it to AUTO, take the appropriate action by selecting the command
・If you set it to ORDER, you can choose the ability, and choose who to use
・If you select an attack command with AUTO, the character attacks as much as possible to make combo (CHAIN)
・The trick in battle is how to make combo (CHAIN) and make my turn forever state
・However, after three combo (CHAIN), the total attack command appears and you can not combo (CHAIN) any more than that turn


●Cooking rules●

・Only one piece of same ingredients can be used
・Can not cook with condiment alone
・Although it is basically cannot cook food that has already been cooked, there are exceptions
・Even with the same ingredients, different dishes may be completed depending on the cooking method
・The number of ☆ represents the quality of food and ingredients
・Depending on the food, there are condiments that do not match
・Each character has its own preference, so the evaluation may change


●Compounding rules●

・Only one piece of same ingredients can be used


●Alchemy rules●

・Only one piece of same ingredients can be used
・Weapons and armor can be upgrade to 5 times


●Other notes●
・If the girl is not in the displayed state, you can not do a dress change, food report, haircut and etc.
・You need to add a girl to the fellow list from the status menu, and display the girl from the list of girls displayed in the data menu.
・You can do haircuts and etc from the royalty menu on each girl’s status screen, but if girls are not displayed, the royalty menu will not be displayed.
・Also, be careful as girls who have just been fellow may not be displayed.